Gaming guides, tutorials and workshop content

For few games I have created guides, tutorials or other workshop content. This site is trying to give you an overview about my work:


For Avorion I created a website in English and German with all trade goods and their selling and buying stations, which can be sorted by name, credits per volume, credits and volume. Furthermore I have integrated a search function for trade goods and stations. Here you can find it:

Cities Skylines

Metro stations collection

For Cities Skylines I have created a lot of different metro stations, which have a various count of platforms, platform orientations or platform levels. You can find the collection on Steam: Metro Stations: More Platforms & Special Tracks

Asset Path Editor

I have also created in collaboration with Martin an asset path editor, which makes you able to create metro stations with more platforms and modify metro tracks and pedestrian paths on your own. You can find the tutorial and guide with the link to the program on Steam: Asset Path Editor